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Transtubular Potassium Gradient TTKG

Order: serum K and osmolality, urine K and urine osmolality

Formula: Uk/Pk / Uosm/Posm

Normal levels should be 8-9

In hyperkalemia, should be >10, if low <7 indicates mineralocorticoid deficiency

In hypokalemia, should be <3, if higher means renal K loss.


Albumin: Indications and Dosages

Differential Diagnosis of Abdominal Pain

Not to miss:  AAA rupture, bowel rupture/perf/ischemia, ascending cholangitis, acute appy, retroperitoneal hematoma

Abd pain quadrants

EKG Stuff

Blood Transfusion Complications in Perspective

Treatment of Delirium + Doctor Order Set (Sample)

delirium treatment 01 delirium treatment 02Assessment_and_Rx_of_deliri




Delirium Order Set

Algorithm: Evaluation of Arthritis