Mannitol Protocols


Mannitol 50G (1g/kg) wide open

Furosemide 20-40mg IV immediately following infusion



Mannitol 25G (0.5g/Kg) IV q6h to q8

Furosemide 20mg IV q6h-q8h immediately after mannitol

Serum Na & POsm q6h-q8h stat 2h before mannitol dose

Hold mannitol and Furosemide for Na >/=160 / POsm >/=320


TAPERING (over 3-4d):

1. Hold Furosemide.

2. Next day, decrease mannitol to q8h

3. Next day, decrease mannitol to 0.3g/Kg

4. Next day, decrease mannitol to 0.15g/Kg

5. Next day, hold mannitol.



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