Ventilator Settings

1. Mode of ventilation – start with A/C mode, SIMV if tachypneic
2. Tidal Volume – use 8ml/Kg of predicted BW then reduce to 6ml/Kg over next 2 hours
**Monitor peak alveolar pressure (goal </=30cmH20)
**Inspiratory Flow Rate – set at 60mL/min; higher (>/=80mL/min) if respiratory distress or high MV (>/=10L/min)
**I:E ratio – normally >/=1:2, if <1:2 then inc IFR or dec TV or dec RR
3. Respiratory Rate – set at patient’s MV prior to intubation, not to exceed 35 /min; check PCO2 after 30 minutes
4. PEEP – initial PEEP at 5 cmH20
**If with occult PEEP, then increase I:E ratio or ad extrinsic PEEP
5. FiO2 

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