Scoring Systems for Intraventricular Hemorrhages

intraventricular hemorrhage scoring system (Graeb and Le Roux)

The original Graeb Score (oGS) is based on the third, fourth and lateral ventricles.  A maximum score of 4 is given for each lateral ventricle and 2 for the third and fourth ventricles if they are completely filled.  The maximum total score is 12.


A modified Graeb Score (mGS) can be found at:

  • This modified score can assess the extent of IVH
  • It is reliable and valid and more closely related to change in IVH vol and outcome than the original score.
  • It can be used to assess outcomes in clinical trials of ICH and IVh and to monitor progress of thrombolytic therapy in IVH.

The modified Graeb Score (mGS) is based on the fourth ventricle (max 4), third ventricle (max 4), lateral ventricles (max 4 each), occipital horns (max 2 each) and temporal horns (max 2 each).  Additional score of +1 given to each compartment if expanded beyond the normal anatomic limits attributable to the clot.  The maximum possible score is 32 in which every compartment is filled with blood and expanded.  A score of 0 denotes no intraventricular blood.


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