Aneurysms in Arteriovenous Malformations


This figure illustrates the types of aneurysms that are associated with a brain AVM

  • A. distal flow-related aneurysm
  • B. distal flow-related aneurysm
  • C. nidal aneurysm
  • D. proximal flow-related aneurysm
  • E. non-flow-related aneurysm



  • Aneurysms – saccular luminal dilatations of the parent feeding vessel
  • Flow-related aneurysm – an aneurysm that lies on a pathway of an artery supplying the AVM
  • Nidal aneurysm – aneurysm that is contiguous with the vascular mass include in the AVM size measurement
  • Proximal aneurysms – located on the vessel or branch points of the circle of Willis or proximal to it (i.e. ICA, ACA, PPCA, A1 or P1, VA or BA)
  • Distal aneurysms – more distal locations beyond the circle of Willis.



“Reporting Terminology For Brain Arteriovenous Malformation Clinical And Radiographic Features For Use In Clinical Trials”. Stroke 32.6 (2001): 1430-1442. Web.


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