Prophylaxis for Acute Kidney Injury

Prevention of Acute Kidney Injury

  1. acetylcysteine 1,2000m g PO on day before and on the day of administration of the contrast agent, x 2 days PLUS
  2. saline 0.45% IV at 1ml/KgBW/h x12h before and 12h after administration of contrast agent
  3. for EMERGENCY procedures:  154 mEq/L NaHCO3 bolus of 3 ml/Kg/h x 1h before iopamidol contrast ffd by infusion of 1 ml/Kg/h x6h after procedure
  4. reduce contrast load


General Measures:

  1. maintain adequate BP
  2. optimize fluid balance
  3. adjust med dosage to renal function
  4. avoid NSAIDs



Layon, A. Joseph, Andrea Gabrielli, and William A Friedman. Textbook Of Neurointensive Care. Print.

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