Angiogram of the Internal Carotid Artery

Common carotid angiogram, lateral view (a) and AP view (b)


  • arrows indicate the ECA


Axial cut through dotted line in figure (b) above


  • CS = carotid space (inside is ICA and JV, jugular vein and CN 9, 10, 11, 12)
  • PS = parotid space (inside ECA is posterior and retromandibular vein anterior)
  • PPS = parapharyngeal space
  • RPS = retropharyngeal space
  • PVS = perivertebral space
  • MS = masticator space


Petrous and cavernous portion of the ICA, lateral carotid angiogram.


  • Petrous portion (red)
  • Cavernous portion (green)
  • Dural ring proximal to the origin of the ophthalmic artery
  • C5, C4, C3 = parts of cavernous ICA
  • C2, C1 = supraclinoid and subarachnoid ICA


Lateral carotid angiogram:


  • arrow with dot = PComA
  • arrow = anterior choroidal artery
  • arrowhead = ophthalmic artery


The ophthalmic artery

Lateral ICA angiogram


  • OA = ophthalmic artery
  • large arrow = bend around the optic nerve
  • small arrow = ocular complex (retina and cilial arteries)
  • arrowhead = choroid plexus
  • L = lachrymal artery
  • arrow with dot = anterior falx artery



Bradač, G. B. Cerebral Angiography. Berlin: Springer, 2011. Print.

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