ASCOD Phenotyping for Stroke

ASCO Criteria:

  • A: atherosclerosis
  • S: small-vessel disease
  • C: cardiac pathology
  • O: other causes

Assigns a degree of likelihood of causal relationship to every potential disease commonly encountered in ischemic stroke describing all underlying diseases in every patient

  • 1 for potentially causal
  • 2 for causality is uncertain
  • 3 for unlikely causal but the disease is present
  • 0 for absence of disease
  • 9 for insufficient workup to rule out the disease


ASCOD Criteria

  • D: dissection
  • ‘levels of diagnostic evidence’integrated into grades 9 and 0 were left out
  • cutoff for significant carotid or intracranial stenosis changed from 70% to more commonly used 50% luminal stenosis
  • cardiogenic stroke pattern using neuroimaging added


Amarenco, P. et al. “The ASCOD Phenotyping Of Ischemic Stroke (Updated ASCO Phenotyping)”.Cerebrovasc Dis 36.1 (2013): 1-5.


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