FASTHUG is a checklist developed by intensivists to ensure that key aspects of care are addressed during rounds.  The mnemonic FASTHUG stands for:

  • F = Feeding
  • A = Analgesia
  • S = Sedation
  • T = Thromboembolic prophylaxis
  • H = HOB elevation
  • U = Stress ulcer prophylaxis
  • G = Glucose control

This checklist however, does not address pharmacotherapy issues, and has been modified by clinical pharmacists to FASTHUG-MAIDENS.  FASTHUG as above, except for H which was changed to mean Hyperactive or hypoactive Delirium.  MAIDENS stands for:

  • Medication reconciliation
  • Antibiotics 
  • Indications for meds
  • Drug dosing
  • Electrolytes, Hematology and other lab tests
  • No drug interactions, allergies, duplication or side effects
  • Stop dates



Masson, Sarah C et al. “Validity Evidence For FASTHUG-MAIDENS, A Mnemonic For Identifying Drug-Related Problems In The Intensive Care Unit”. The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 66.3 (2013).


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