CAVE Score (Seizures after ICH)

The CAVE score is a tool used to quantify the risk of seizure after intracerebral hemorrhage.  Data from Helsinki ICH study and Lille Prognosis of ICH studies were analyzed retrospectively and the authors created the CAVE score to estimate the risk of late seizures after ICH.

1 point is given for each of the following:

  1. cortical involvement
  2. age < 65 years
  3. volume >10ml
  4. early seizures within 7 days  of ICH



Risk of seizures based on score:

  • CAVE score 0 = 0.6%
  • CAVE score 1 = 3.6%
  • CAVE score 2 = 9.8%
  • CAVE score 3 = 34.8%
  • CAVE score 4 = 46.2%



Haapaniemi, E. et al. “The CAVE Score For Predicting Late Seizures After Intracerebral Hemorrhage”. Stroke 45.7 (2014): 1971-1976.


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