I-TRACH Score to Predict Risk of Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation

  • Intubation in ICU (hospitalized in ICU for >24 hours prior to intubation)
  • Tachycardia (HR > 110)
  • Renal dysfunction (BUN > 25)
  • Acidemia (pH < 7.25)
  • Creatinine (>2.0)
  • decreased HCO3(<20)

*Threshold of 4 or more good Sp and Sn in predicting prolonged mechaniascal ventilation

Note: This study excluded neurological patients and therefore cannot be applied in the NSICU setting.



Clark, P. A., R. C. Inocencio, and C. J. Lettieri. “I-TRACH: Validating A Tool For Predicting Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation”. Journal of Intensive Care Medicine (2016): pages 1-7.

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