Definitions for ICU Infections

Bloodstream infections – (+) blood cultures without evidence of a separate primary source


  • ≥10,000 CFUs, or
  • (+) urinalysis (i.e. (+) leukocyte esterase or nitrate or >5 WBC/mL) and ≥1000 CFU.


  • new infiltrate on CXR and (+) sputum culture or change in respiratory status (increased ventilator support or oxygen requirements)

Sinusitis – purulent nasal discharge with corresponding CT imaging

Ventriculitis – (+) CSF culture

CDAD – diarrhea with (+) C. difficile toxin PCR



Halvorson, Karin et al. “Procalcitonin Is A Poor Predictor Of Non-Infectious Fever In The Neurocritical Care Unit”. Neurocritical Care (2017).  Epublished.


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