Pathogenic agents of bacterial meningitis according to age group


Textbook of Neurointensive Care, 2nd ed. A.JosephLayon et al. 

Checklist: Atrial Fibrillation Work-up

  • history and PE
  • EKG (underlying SVT / pre-excitation)
  • TTE
  • serum electrolytes
  • creatinine
  • TFTs
  • LFTs
  • ETOH use?
  • prolonged ambulatory monitor
  • TEE
  • electrophysiology study
  • ischemia evaluation (stress test)


Refractory Status Epilepticus

Treatment options

  • various types of antiepileptic drugs and intravenous anesthetic drugs
  • immunomodulating agents
  • ketogenic diet 
  • mild hypothermia
  • resective epilepsy surgery
  • disconnection procedures
  • neuromodulation via electrical stimulation


Acute Resective Surgery for the Treatment of Refractory Status Epilepticus
Maysaa Merhi Basha1 • Kushak Suchdev1 • Monica Dhakar2 • William J. Kupsky1,3 • Sandeep Mittal4 • Aashit K. Shah1