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GI Prophylaxis


Coagulopathy, plt < 50K, INR >1.5, or PTT >2 x control

Mechanical ventilation for >48 hours

h/o GI ulceration or bleeding within past year

●TBI, traumatic SCI, burn injury 

Two or more of the following minor criteria:

  • sepsis
  • ICU >1week
  • occult GI bleeding x >=6 days
  • glucocorticoid therapy (>250 mg hydrocortisone or equivalent)



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Rapid Sequence Intubation

-consists of simultaneous administration of fast-acting sedative to induce immediate unresponsiveness and a NMBA to achieve optimal intubating conditions, with goal of attaining control of airway in critically ill patient at risk of aspiration of stomach contents.

– limits ICP elevation, preferred method for intubation of patient with elevated ICP

– presence of coma does not justify proceeding without pharmacologial agents, although patient unresponsive, laryngoscopes and intubation provoke reflexes that elevate ICP unless pre-treatment and induction agents are used.


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LEMONS and MOANS, Mallampati Score and 3-3-2 Rule

Mnemonics to assess for difficult airways during intubation.


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Comparison of oral anticoagulant agents (DOACS + Warfarin)


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Mannitol and HTS equivalents

The following volumes of hypertonic solution are equip solar to 1g/Kg of mannitol:


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ICP-Volume Curve


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EEG and CBF Correlation


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