Status Epilepticus Meds Calculator

I created this spreadsheet that automatically calculates AED drug doses in status epilepticus.  Download the file and save in your desktop for easy access, or pull up the Google spreadsheet which I have made publicly accessible.

The only information to input is the patient’s weight in Kg (see cell in RED).  The spreadsheet has two columns, one with more details and a second column that is simpler (and using more conservative values).  Please verify all dosages with the clinical pharmacist before starting any AED medication.

All dosages are from UpToDate.  If multiple dosages are listed, I picked whatever Neurocritical Care Society recommends.


Link to webpage:  Public Google Spreadsheet: Status Ep Meds Calculator

Link to file: Status Epilepticus Medications

  • Cells in red = user can input data.
  • Cells in gray = data calculated by spreadsheet.



UpToDate.  Drug Information on Propofol, Midazolam, Ativan, Levetiracetam, Lacosamide and Valproic Acid.  Accessed 05/10/2018.

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