Cholesterol Guidelines

ACC AHA Task Force on Practice Guidelines

Treatment of  High Blood Cholesterol

4 subgroups where benefit clearly outweighs risk of statin therapy:

1.  (+) atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

2.  LDL >/=190mg/dL

3.  LDL >/=70mg/dL +  DM

4.  LDL >/=70mg/dL + >/=7.5% 10-year risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

**Lower LDL by >/=50%, use high-intensity statin therapy

Groups for which no evidence or statin not recommended:

1.  >/=75y/o unless with clinical cardiovascular disease

2.  on HD

3.  NYHA 2-4

Other Notes:

1. target levels no longer emphsized; do not measure LDL routinely

2.  avoid non-statin agents

3.  do not use surrogate markers (CRP, calcium scores)

4.  use risk-calculator 

Notes from the actual 85-page guidelines: